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KENNEL REDUCTION SALE!!!  Contact us by phone or e-mail for pedigree information.

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Way too many dogs to train and have to part with some great young dogs. Several yearlings a two year old and two 3 year olds. Very good dogs that pull and pull hard. Good gaits. No screwing around chewing on lines or each other. Not a bit of fighting. Eat and drink great. A couple of the older ones lead. I would prefer to keep them all but can not run them all and need to focus on the race team.

Frost 1 yr old black and tan female. Umbra x Peanut. Super friendly high attitude girl. 41 lbs on 8/4/14. Will definitely be repeating this breeding. The boys turned out very nice sized. $350


Nakita 3 year old white female. Spayed. Goes 46 pounds. Has an under bite that is just God awful ugly. It is a good thing she does not run backwards. Does not effect her performance and she runs very good. Just gets into a lope and stays there with a tight tug. solid big female. House broke too. Will make a race team. Would be a great skijor companion as well. $200


Ruckus 1 year old brown male. Umbra x Petera. The bulk of Ruckus’ litter turned out smaller than what we prefer size wise. They are quite athletic though and have good heads. Ruckus weighed 41lbs on 8/4/14. Nice and leggy though. $500


Squirt 2 year old white female. Nimbus x Hope. Very athletic just small for our liking. 38lbs $300


Scoundrel 2 year old white male. 43 pounds. Nice nice boy with an incredibly smooth gait. All husky but has very good speed. Nice coat. Eats and drinks like a distance champ. Just a good boy. I have not tried him in lead yet this fall but he did not seem real keen on it as a yearling. Keeps a nice tight tug. Happy and has great distance genetics as well as some very prominent sprint huskys such as burner, and lingo in his lines. His mom was our main leader for years and was still leading the main team as a 9yr old in the BG 150 last year. Just resilient dogs. His dad is the best I have ran. Would excel in any format but I really think this guy would make very good team in distance races. $500